New Book Helps Little Ones Appreciate Sculpture

New Book Helps Little Ones Appreciate Sculpture

Would you like your little ones to have a little more appreciation for the world of art? In addition to taking your kids to the museum, why not share an art book that's written especially to appeal to young readers? Out this April is Look! Look! Look! at Sculpture by Nancy E. Wallace with Linda K. Friedlaender, a book that promises to intrigue and amaze young readers with the beauty and diversity of sculpture.

The book tracks the movements of three sneaky mice who explore the wide variety of sculptures at the local museum. The mice notice the many differences in the sculptures, helping readers appreciate distinctions as they compare and contrast right along with these cute little critters. Differences in texture, size, and materials are all highlighted, and distinctions in angles and perspective are also touched upon in the text. The playful mice are inspired by all they see at the museum and end up creating their very own totally unique sculptures.

The illustrations in the book are unusual and quirky. Nancy Wallace uses a special collage method to create her art, and in Look! Look! Look! at Sculpture she has incorporated actual photographs of sculpture, giving the book a sort of three-dimensional look and feel that helps convey the allure of the sculpture arts.

Nancy Wallace is an accomplished author an illustrator of many books including Seeds! Seeds! Seeds!, The Valentine Express, and Alphabet House.

Look! Look! Look! at Sculpture is scheduled for release this April 1st, 2012 from Marshall Cavendish Childrens Books.