Why Art Books Make Great Gifts

Why Art Books Make Great Gifts

For a Last-Minute Gift or Unusual Gift Idea, Art Books Can't be Beat

Need a last-minute gift, or an unusual present for your friend who is so hard to please? An art book makes a great gift, and the selection of available books is incredible. From hardcover to paperback, coffee table books to how-to guides, you're sure to find an art book that's just right. Here are a few reasons why art books make such great gifts, along with some pointers to help you find just what you're looking for.

Art Books are Classy!

Giving an art book shows that you are a sophisticated, cultured individual, and that you think of the recipient of your thoughtful present in this way, too. Not sure what to choose? Look to the person's fashion and decorating sense for clues as to interests. If you're still not sure, pick a book that features classic or ancient art that is generally recognized as “good.”

Art Books are Easy!

Another advantage that makes art books such a fine gift is that they're so easy to find. You can purchase art books at bookstores (of course!), art supply stores, gift shops, and online. You can even give your friend a gift certificate they could use to download an art book instantly to their Kindle or other electronic reading device.

Art Books help Artists!

Who wants to see an artist starve, anyway? Purchasing art books helps support the continuing profitability of the arts, and in turn, hungry artists everywhere benefit.

Art Books are Wild and Varied!

There are art books on everything from manga to bird watercolors, allowing you to find a book that speaks specifically to your friend's unique tastes and interests. Do you know your pal loves boats? Choose a book that features nautical-themed art. Is your friend in love with the Far East? Give her a book of Japanese prints.

Of course, it's best if we buy our gifts ahead of time instead of waiting until the last minute, but if you do slack off and find yourself in this predicament, look to the thoughtful gift of an art book to bail you out in a flash.